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Why You Shouldn’t Put War and Peace Onto Marketing Materials

Why You Shouldn’t Put War and Peace Onto Marketing Materials

What is the first thing you look at when looking at a flyer? Is it the title? The image? The quality of the flyer? All of them are important for your marketing material to make a good impression on your customers. But if it’s filled with text and text only, you’re on the wrong path. […]

Vector Versus Raster

It’s the age-old debate. Vector or Raster? You’re forgiven for not knowing which option to go with, but that’s what we’re talking about today. So, let’s start with a vector file. What exactly is it? Also known as “object-oriented”, graphics are constructed using mathematical formulas describing shapes, colours, and placement. A vector graphic consists of […]

Understanding the Difference between RGB and CMYK

Understanding the Difference between RGB and CMYK

Have you ever been in the situation where your design on screen is bright and beautiful and when you print it out, looks flat and dull? If so, join the club, we’ve all been there. Lets first have a look at the RGB Channel. RGB stands for red, green and blue. AKA, the system representing […]

Not Recycling Paper Could Be Considered a Crime.

not recycling paper

When you compare the 21st and the 20th century, we do a lot of things differently now than we did back in the day. From the status of women to the advancement of technology, we certainly have come a long way in the last hundred years. It’s no different when it comes to saving the […]

The Importance of Supplying Print Ready Artwork

Importance of print ready artwork

You will often hear or see printers requesting print-ready artwork. But, you’re probably left asking yourself, what does this actually mean? In short, it means “press-ready” and if not supplied correctly, could end up costing you. If you don’t have a designer on hand, we have a quick solution for you at MAVDIGITAL! Grab your […]

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