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My name is Hiro which means abundant, generous, tolerant, and prosperous in Japanese.

This is our character and everything we stand for here at MAVDIGITAL which makes him our HERO.

And why is our character a striped elephant?

Because we print many products and we love a challenge. What is more bespoke than a Japanese striped elephant?

So, what do we offer at MAVDIGITAL? What is our edge? What makes us a little different from all the other printers doing what we do?

We haven’t lost our heart.
We may have expanded, but we treat every client as if they are our first big account. We have earned our clients’ trust. Many have been with us for over 10 years.
We always stick to this philosophy.
Whether it be on the design side or the print side: ‘If you personally are not happy to put your name on it – don’t send it out’. Often, we are our own worst critics and tend to strive for perfection, even if this means redoing a job at our cost before the client has even seen it. It may have surpassed their expectations, but it didn’t surpass ours.
Continuity is key.

Not every client has a big budget for marketing or advertising agencies to carry their brand across multiple platforms, including print. If you are running a campaign that requires print, our design team will happily include add-ons for social media, if required. These include website graphics, flipbooks etc. This is where the digital in MAVDIGITAL comes in.

Our knowledge.
We talk to our clients, we try to see everything from the client’s point of view. Once we know the end goal, we work with our clients to ensure their product is fit for purpose and works within their budget.

Our pricing is competitive.

We aim to keep our costs as low as possible but we are not automated. Every job gets a personal touch.

Our prices are competitive but we may not always be the cheapest. We ensure that we use sustainable products to reduce our carbon footprint.

Experience the difference,
your partner in print.

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